From Residential Construction to Commercial Projects, Redland Grading believes that building relationships with our clients is the key to long term success.

Steve Leon

Stephen Leon President & CEO of Redland Grading Company, Inc. began working in the construction industry in 1988. He has been involved in aspects of sitework and brings a wealth of knowledge & experience to every project. He has been involved with projects of all sizes and types both in Florida and in Georgia including Residential Construction, Commercial Construction, Department of Transportation Projects, School Construction, and Recreational Facility Construction. Redland Grading has a dedicated team of experienced personnel ready to tackle any size project. We are 7 years strong, and there is no job too big that we can’t help with. Quality is the standard here at Redland Grading.

Eric Leon
Chief Financial Officer

Building a team with our clients is one of the key reasons behind our numerous repeat clients. This collaborative approach is rooted in effective communication, delivering projects ahead of schedule, and within budget. Eric Leon, the Vice President at Redland Grading Georgia, is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the construction industry.

Eric holds an Associate of Applied Science in Building Construction from Miami Dade College and a Certificate in Advanced Project Management from Florida International University, underscoring his commitment to excellence in the field.

With a remarkable career spanning four years at Redland Grading Georgia, Eric has played a pivotal role in the company's success. Previously serving as the Vice President of Pre Construction at The Redland Company Inc in Florida, he brings extensive experience overseeing significant projects such as Coral Reef Commons and the Gateway Commerce Center in Miami. Both projects achieved success under his careful guidance and attention to detail.

Beyond his professional achievements, Eric takes pride in his role as a devoted father and grandfather. During his downtime, he actively coaches his children and engages in community sporting events, showcasing his commitment to family values. These principles are seamlessly integrated into Redland Grading, contributing to the company's identity as a family-first organization.

Eric's leadership style is characterized by a keen eye for detail, a strong work ethic, and a dedication to fostering a sense of community within the workplace. His support for the company's commitment to prioritizing family values aligns with Redland Grading's ethos, guiding the team towards new beginnings and continued success. As Vice President, Eric Leon brings not only his professional expertise but also a genuine passion for creating a work environment that values both professional excellence and strong familial bonds.

Jennifer Leon

Jennifer Leon is a dedicated professional currently serving as the Secretary and Accounts Payable Clerk at Redland Grading. With an impressive 26-year marriage to Stephen Leon, the owner of Redland Grading, Jennifer is not only a loving wife but also a devoted mother to three wonderful children. A recent addition to the family as a first-time grandmother has further enriched her busy schedule, yet she remains never too busy for family, with all members actively involved in the family business. As a committed mother, business owner, and fairly new grandmother, Jennifer continues to play a pivotal role in her own business, skillfully balancing it with her responsibilities at Redland Grading. Juggling the roles of a dedicated wife, successful businesswoman, and grandmother, she manages her time with remarkable finesse. With over 16 years of entrepreneurial background and extensive experience, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge to her meticulous management of numbers and operations at Redland Grading. Jennifer is a true leader, setting an example for others and imparting valuable lessons. Her passion for excellence extends beyond her family businesses, as she actively contributes to the advancement of Redland Grading. Jennifer takes great pride in her current position within the company, seamlessly managing both her professional and family roles.

Beyond her busy schedule, Jennifer is a Pizza and Ice cream cake enthusiast, indulging in her favorite treats. Her joyous spirit finds its peak during Christmas, her favorite holiday. Jennifer's commitment extends to being a strong pillar of the Peachtree City Community in Georgia, contributing to its growth and prosperity. With a rich history of entrepreneurship, family values, and community engagement, Jennifer Leon stands as an inspiring figure in both the business world and her local community.

Isaac Leon

Isaac Leon, a seasoned professional with a lifelong dedication to the construction industry. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Isaac has been immersed in the family business since the age of 15. His journey began with hands-on experience operating heavy equipment, setting the foundation for a thriving career.

Beyond his construction expertise, Isaac is a proud father of two beautiful children and a devoted husband. As a passionate Miami Dolphins fan, his roots in Florida run deep. In his role as Superintendent at Redland Grading, Isaac brings a unique perspective to each project. Having witnessed the entire construction process from inception to completion, he takes pride in being the last to see a project finished. This sense of accomplishment drives his commitment to delivering excellence and highlights the valuable contribution he makes to the Redland Grading team.

MaryAnn Mathis
Operations Manager / Project Manager

Meet MaryAnn, a seasoned construction professional with a passion for property transformation. With a career starting in 2006, she excelled in renovations, specializing in property flipping for single and multi-family units. Her expertise transitioned seamlessly into rental properties before joining Redland.

MaryAnn, a devoted Georgia Bulldogs fan, brings her commitment to excellence to every project at Redland. Beyond work, she enjoys travel, wineries, and cabin stays, with a deep appreciation for the soothing sounds of the ocean. A proud mom to a son and a furry friend, MaryAnn also cheers for the Dirty Birds. Her multifaceted personality shines through as she balances work, family, and leisure. Go Dawgs! Go Dirty Birds!

Consuella Clarke

I thrive on analyzing financial data and effectively communicating results to non-financial staff at all levels. As a people-oriented professional, I recognize the importance of making the numbers understandable. My varied background includes handling payroll, accounts receivable and payable, budget creation, financial analysis, billing, contract administration, financial statement preparation, audit, journal entries, and software conversions. I enjoy my work and eagerly anticipate taking on new accounting challenges.